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Sources confirmed that LG is developing the next Google Nexus phone

Sources confirmed that LG is developing the next Google Nexus phone

Tech sources have just confirmed that the next Google Nexus smart phone would be developed by LG on the lines of LG Optimus G handset and would most probably be launched by the end of October. Among other rumors about Google, one of the most exciting was the launch of the next version of Android with the name of Key Lime Pie which, however, proved to be nothing more than a hoax. However, this one about LG developing the next Nexus phone seems to be just about confirmed.

Reliable tech sources such as MoDaCo and CNET have confirmed that next Google Nexus phone would be based on LG Optimus G handset and although there is no exact release announced by Google or LG, the device would be unveiled by the end of October.

Tech community’s repose about this news is rather mixed. While people are generally excited about this bit of information, certain other aspects such as the absence of microSD card have disappointed them. Nexus phone based on LG Optimus G handset would certainly be an impressive device since Optimus G itself was highly praised by tech analysts with its 4.7-inch True-High definition IPS display, quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM memory. Besides, Google Nexus is expected to use Android 4.2 as its operating system, which is an incremental version of Android Jelly Bean. Unlike the previous rumors, this would not be entirely new version of Android but would only be an incremental update of Jelly Bean.

Absence of microSD card slot would restrict users to the onboard memory which would most probably be 8 or 16 GB. This is certainly a disappointment for those folks who tend to stock their phone with a lot of videos and apps. Besides, another source of disappointment is that, just like Optimus G, this Nexus device would also come with a non-removable battery. A non-removable battery can be a source of problem since a general and easiest method of overcoming a crashed Android phone is to remove the battery and in the presence of a non-removable battery this would not be possible. Anyways, the launch seems to be only a few days ahead so just keep your fingers crossed.

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