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Review for LG GS170

Review for LG GS170

The new LG GS170 enters the scene under partnership with T-Mobile. The new phone may prove to be a force to reckon with especially among users not very pleased with glitzy aspects of most cell phones.
The phone is also widely viewed to be pocket friendly especially because it goes with free on contract pricing. The entire LG GS170’s package includes the phone, a wall charger and a hands free headset. Everyone agrees that the cell phones may one day take up the slot traditionally occupied by PCs in controlling a people’s total way of life. Have your LG GS170 unlocked, and then enjoy this incredible new experience.

The LG GS170 is a flip kind of phone. It is coated with a soft touch material, and it does a perfect job eluding scratches and dirt. The phone is appreciably lightweight; at times, you may not feel it in your hands. It weighs about 2.8 oz. On a general note, an overlook of the LG GS17 gives the impression of a cheap device. As such, the phone is not expected to cause much ripples anywhere in the market. To unlock LG GS170, let experienced smart phone experts check out your phone.

Even before exploring intrinsic features of the LG GS170, one could easily suspect that the phone would not measure up to high standards. Upon a close examination of the phone, the suspicions are easily confirmed. The phone’s TFT display of a 176 x 220 pixels resolution is more wanting than it is satisfying. One may contact the topnotch smart phone experts to have their LG GS170 unlocked.

The display emanates colors that are below acceptable standards, looking pale all over the place. To add insult to injury, the display permits an optimal viewing angle of nothing but a perfect 900.  Anything short of 900 yields unforgiving distortions. Just unlock LG GS170 and hand yourself a chance to experience the most exciting web browsing.

On the other hand, nice things can be said about the LG GS170’s appropriately sized keypad that offers a tactile response. The phone facilitates smooth navigation through the menus via its directional pad. If you would wish to unlock LG GS170, consider this the right place to be.

The LG GS170 has a Micro USB port for charging and data exchange between the phone and a PC. It also has a VGA camera. The desire for excellent usability, flexibility of service provision and fast Internet connectivity may get users to have their LG GS170 unlocked.

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