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LG Optimus G would be available on the Canadian market in November

LG Optimus G would be available on the Canadian market in November

Optimus G is certainly one of the very best high end devices from LG and would be the first quad-core smart phone from the company. Important technical features of this remarkable device include a quad core 1.5 GHz processor, 4.7-inch 1280 x 768-pixel HD display, a massive 13 mega pixel camera and a powerful 2,100 mAh battery. It would have a 2 GB DDR RAM memory and 32 GB of internal storage capacity. Although at present, the operating system for this phone would be a tweaked version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, we can expect a Jelly Bean update pretty soon. The technical specs of this phone easily include it in the very best Android smart phones in the market with respect to the features. With respect to services, however, its worth would be known once it is released and tested on a large scale.

LG recently announced the release time frame of this device in the North American continent. The device, as per the plan, would hit the US and Canadian market in the month of November, although it is also possible that a US carrier decides to launch it in October. As for Canadian market, LG has officially announced that the phone would be available from the major carriers in Canada starting in November. The phone would be available from Bell, Rogers, and TELUS while major retailers including Best Buy, Future Shop, Tbooth, The Source, WIRELESSWAVE, and WIRELESS would sell the phone online as well as in their stores.

Optimus G would be lunched in South Korea next month and LG has officially announced that it would launch the device on a global scale pretty soon. However, so far there is no official word about the exact release date or the price of the phone. But rest assured, the details would be revealed in a few weeks, before the launch of the device in North America.

LG has been very hopeful about this device, calling it a groundbreaking device in the history of smart phones. Latest technologies such as Zerogap Touch and True HD IPSPLUS Display have been utilized to provide a great display experience. The phone would be equipped with support for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. Overall, this phone seems to be very promising and if there isn’t any unforeseen problem, it would prove to be another major step ahead for LG in the domain of mobile devices.

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