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Unlock your LG phone

Unlocking an LG device is now very fast and safe. Follow 3 simple steps and you have your phone unlocked from the comfort of your home!

Best Price: $9.75


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Check the IMEI of your Phone

Find it by dialing *#06#

Every phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identifier containing 15 digits. We need this IMEI to generate the unlock code for your LG.

Pay in a Secure Mode

Only $ 9.75

We are offering you the most reliable international payment methods: PayPal, Skrill and SWREG.

Get Your Unlock Code

Instant to 15 minutes!

The unlock codes will be sent to you through email. We will refund your full payment if our procedure doesn't unlock your device.


Unlock your LG phone within minutes!

We assure you that our unlocking procedure is very simple and it unlocks your LG phone in perfectly safe conditions. Using our factory unlock codes you will be able to use your LG in every compatible network in the world without any SIM restrictions. You will avoid paying Roaming fees and your phone's value will increase!

The unlock service we are offering is so reliable that we guarantee a full refund in case we can't unlock your LG phone.

Our solution fully unlocks your LG phone permanently.

Unlock your phone without wires or any other Hardware or Software equipment. This unlock operation could be also performed by persons without to many technical skills.
You have just 3 steps to follow:

1) Submit the IMEI code of your LG phone (you can find it typing *#06# into your keypad).

2) Pay in a secure mode the cheapest price available: $ 9.75

3) Insert the LG factory unlock code we sent you through email and your LG phone is unlocked!

Unlock your LG now!

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